• Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

    Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

    From $49

  • Rose and Lily Posy

    Rose and Lily Posy

    From $50

  • Three Red Roses In a Vase

    Three Red Roses In a Vase

    From $56

    Are you looking for a true-fire way to show her how much she means to you? Look no further...

  • Lily and Rose Bunch

    Lily and Rose Bunch

    From $64

    Our favourite flowers to work with as they compliment each other's beauty.

  • Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $65

    Hand-picked blooms prepped by hand by our creative Ballarat florist.

  • Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $76

    The only arrangement able to impress her sense of sight, smell and taste.

  • Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Someone very lucky is about to be very happy. Go ahead, send this beauty.

  • Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Highly recommended great value flower gift with free sweet treat.

  • Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $85

  • Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    From $90

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    From $99

    Cheer up a friend with these gorgeous mixed blossoms in bright, bold hues.

  • Natives With Free Vase

    Natives With Free Vase

    From $99

    Fresh Australian natives at their very best! With a free glass vase too!



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Then, go no further than us, … and share some colour!

Send flowers same day, however just ensure they are ordered before 2pm the day of delivery. With our beautiful collection at Ballarat Florist Shop, we have a wide selection of arrangement designs that are certain to offer something for every taste, occasion, and budget.

If someone you care about is having a hard time and you want to cheer them up, there is no better way than having an assortment of beautiful fresh flowers delivered from us. So, why not take the opportunity to brighten their day? And with our secure site, you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

Here is a little about our town: The ‘gold-plated’ city of Ballarat is situated on the Yarrowee River in Victoria, approximately 105 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. Residents of Ballarat are referred to as ‘Ballaratians,’ making the town as one of the most populated inland town with over 94,000 residents.

The name of Ballarat came from a sheep run called ‘Ballaarat’ in 1837, established by a Scottish squatter named Archibald Yuille. Apparently, the name was derived from the local Wathaurong Aboriginal tribal words meaning ‘resting place’ (balla arat).

The city of Ballarat officially implemented the current spelling in 1996. The Wathaurong Aboriginals first populated the region of Ballarat, with the Boro Gundidj tribe primarily based along the Yarrowee River. The year 1837 witnessed the first Europeans to the area by Scottish squatters searching for grazing land for their sheep. Henry Anderson, Thomas Livingstone Learmonth, and William Cross Yuille were three of the pioneers who claimed land in what is now Ballarat. Obviously, ‘gold-plated’ is derived from the Victorian Gold Rush that transformed the town from a small sheep station to a thriving boom-town. In 1851, gold was initially discovered at Poverty Point, and once news spread, about 20,000 migrants rushed to the area of rich alluvial gold fields.

The introduction of the first Chilean mill and the mine cage were some of the innovations that were discovered during this period. Ballarat also sustained high yields of gold for many years, unlike other gold-rush towns. In December 1854, the Battle of the Eureka Stockade took place, and was the only armed rebellion in Australian history. Because of this rebellion of workers and police, it has been interpreted by some as the beginnings of Australian democracy. The Eureka Flag is now a national symbol and held at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the largest and oldest gallery in the country.

There are other national heritage structures including the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, which were established in1857; Her Majesty’s lyric theatre building, built in 1875; 1886 saw the establishment of the first municipal observatory; and the Avenue of Honour, the longest and earliest memorial avenue, established around 1917 to 1919. Ballarat was declared a city in 1871 and continued to prosper until gold extraction in the region began to diminish. Mining activity slowed significantly from the beginning of the 20th century, and the city’s growth declined ominously. In 1921, with the formation of the West Town and Ballarat East, the City of Ballarat was finally amalgamated.