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For all your flower delivery in Ballarat, Lily’s Florist Ballarat, your delivery florist,  is the place to go. We also send same day flowers to Bendigo, and Mildura.

Picture: FLOWER DELIVERY BALLARAT. And there you have it! With a combination of the freshest flowers, made up into beautiful arrangements, online delivery has never been easier. 

If you believe flowers make the perfect gift, then you have come to the right place at Lily’s Florist Ballarat. We are a notable, highly professional business, and we understand the significance of providing fresh, gorgeous flowers with an outstanding customer service to go with it. 

And by using our secure site, you can order your special selection and pay by credit or PayPal.

A little about our gorgeous town: Welcome to the city of Ballarat, situated approximately 105 kilometres west of Melbourne and the third largest town in Victoria. The city is bordered by small townships and rural areas. 

From when gold was discovered in 1851, the resultant mass immigration from would-be miners hoping to ‘strike-it-rich,’ the town witnessed a rapid development. In fact, the central section of Ballarat today, still shows the wealth generated from that period with historic homes and streets making part of the urban fabric. 

The boom town period brought with it a steady growth that saw the town expand into outer suburbs and consuming some of the outlying villages such as Buninyong and Sebastopol. 

Today, people from surrounding regions in the rural sector, mainly to the west of the city, are enticed by the educational facilities and employment opportunities. Ballarat also attracts residents from the Melbourne region seeking more affordable housing and better access to employment. 

The population of Ballarat has grown steadily to approximately 94,000 people and is now famous for a diverse array of options for everybody and anybody to explore. 

History lives in Ballarat. For instance, Sovereign Hill presents the story of Australia’s remarkable gold rush history as a live outdoor museum. The abundant 19th century gold discoveries are a particular focus in the museum.

The Gold Museum is an imposing building with a glass frontage which lets in the shining sun on the glimmering gold collections. 

Then we come to the ‘Blood on the Southern Cross.’ This fascinating entity displays and expresses the vivid story of the rebellion by the miners of Ballarat against unfair and crooked expatriate leaders. Built in 1854, the Eureka Stockade was a defining moment in democracy in Australia. 

The display is showcased across a 64 acre location through Sovereign Hill, as the audience is surrounded by the sights and sounds of the battle under the stars, on moonlit excavations. With state-of-the-art lighting and astonishing special effects, Peter Lalor becomes larger than life on the big screen. 

The Ballarat Wildlife Park offers beautiful, contented walks around the facilities, with the opportunity of getting up close and personal with some of the most famous animals in Australia. Enjoy watching the free-roaming kangaroos, wombats, koalas, and a variety of reptiles including lizards, snakes and even a giant tortoise. 

There really is something for everyone in Ballarat, whether you are searching through unusual galleries, wildlife parks, or many other great attractions.
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